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The goal

The goal of this project is to quickly build small, cheap and reliable Internet servers. It took us only 2 days to build ours from scratch, including the software installation, configuration, scripting, and making up this site which is hosted on the server.
By small, we mean :
  • only one 'U' (equals 1.75 in or 4.45 cm) thick ;
  • half a 19" mounting rack, so that 2 servers can fit in the rack side by side ;
  • low depth : 37 cm (less than all racks).

By cheap, we mean :
  • only salvage hardware, nearly null investment ;
  • low power consuption (a few tens of watts) ;
  • Internet services provided by free software only ;
  • a 42U rack can host as much as 84 servers ;
  • low TCO, due to the system's reliability.

By reliable, we mean :
  • no mechanical parts inside, flash memory replaces fragile hard disks ;
  • easy to share power supplies to ensure high availability ;
  • based on a reliable OS : Linux.
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